Westmancote thatched house

A fine old thatched house in Westmancote


Westmancote has cottages and houses of Cotswold stone and thatched black-and-white dwellings.

The oldest part of the village is a group of stone buildings which can be found just before the lane begins its steep ascent of the hill. Other, more modern, buildings appear further along the lane.

There was once a medieval village with its own church but both have now disappeared.

The church was dependent on Bredon church, like Bredon’s Norton’s. Local historians have suggested that the village’s name means ‘cottage of the Western Man’ (‘cote’ means cottage), a name given by invading Saxons to indicate where lived the natives (western man), who were slaves.

The ‘King and Queen Stones’, two of Bredon Hill’s best-known standing stones, stand aboveWestmancote. They are in fact three stones and are remarkable objects where a superstitious practice may have once taken place. They have healing folklore attached to them and are considered ‘places of power’ by modern witches.
Westmancote is an ideal place to begin a walk to the summit of Bredon Hill and provides possibly the easiest ascent of the hill.

Old chapel, Westmancote

The old Chapel in Westmancote, now converted to a house









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