Walkers at Kersoe

Walkers at Kersoe


The road to Kersoe leaves the village of Elmley Castle through what is known as the Hole in the Wall and proceeds due east.

Kersoe, known in 780AD as Criddesho, is first mentioned when a hide of land was given with Elmley by King Offa in 1780 to the Church of Worcester.

Today Kersoe is made up primarily of two farmsteads and a number of houses and cottages.

There is a rather interesting story worth mentioning. It is of a man called Moore, a villager of Elmley Castle, who happened to be visiting the City of Worcester with a load of hay and witnessed the escape of King Charles from the Parliamentarians. Moore, being a Royalist, had the presence of mind to draw his load across the road immediately after the king had passed and thereby blocked the pursuers and enabled the King to escape. Such was the gratitude of the King that he rewarded Moore with the gift of a farm at Kersoe.

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