Grafton houses

Grafton houses


This quaint little hamlet lying off the road between Beckford and Ashton-under-Hill is virtually unspoilt with little modern development here.

There was once a small chapel here but it is now a private house. However, it is very obviously a former chapel and can be seen from the road.

A church very similar to this one can be found not far away in the village of Great Washbourne.

There is a field here called Knight’s Field, so-called because Edward IV knighted some of his troops here after the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471.

At Grafton

God laughed when he made Grafton
That’s under Bredon Hill,
A jewel in a jewelled plain.
The seasons work their will
On golden thatch and crumbling stone,
And every soft-lipped breeze
Makes music for the Grafton men
In comfortable trees.

God’s beauty over Grafton
Stole into roof and wall,
And hallowed every paved path
And every lowly stall.
And to a woven wonder
Conspired with one accord
The labour of the servant,
The labour of the Lord.

And momently to Grafton
Comes in from vale and wold
The sound of sheep unshepherded,
The sound of sheep in fold,
And, blown along the bases
Of lands that set their wide
Frank brows to God, comes chanting
The breath of Bristol tide.
John Drinkwater
Poems 1908-1914

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