Conderton is a small hamlet on the southern slopes of Bredon Hill with a population of about 75.

On the hill there is Conderton Camp, first built in the 2nd Century BC as a cattle enclosure. In the next century a drystone wall was constructed on the northern side of this area and a village was built in this enclosure. In 855AD the village was known as Cantuaretun.

The Duckpond at Conderton

The Duckpond at Conderton

Most of the hamlet is owned by the Holland-Martin family of neighbouring Overbury.

At one time nearly everyone was involved in agriculture but nowadays very few people have connections with farming.

Conderton used to have its own post office, shoe repairer, small shop and bicycle repairer but these days have all gone. There was also a wheelwright and a blacksmith, but the forge is now a thriving pottery.

The Yew Tree Inn at Conderton

The Yew Tree Inn at Conderton

The popular Yew Tree Inn, once in the same family for over 70 years, was previously a farm. Yew Tree Garage continues to operate.

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