Old School, Bricklehampton

The Old Schoolhouse, Bricklehampton


Bricklehampton is a small hamlet lying between Elmley Castle and Little Comberton. The village was known as Bricstelmenstune in the Domesday Book. The 2001 Census showed a population of 215.

The village has a fine church, dedicated to St Michael, and other fine buildings exist in the hamlet.

One of Bricklehampton’s claims to fame is that it has the longest isogrammatic place name in English, with 14 letters, none of which are repeated.

Bricklehampton Hall is a large mansion built in the Italian style for the Woodward family in 1848. Set in almost 30 acres of grounds and enjoying fine views, it is a home of great character and is now a nursing home.

Bricklehampton Hall

Bricklehampton Hall

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