Eckington WI – March report

It wasn’t petrol or diesel power that drove us through our meeting on Wednesday, March 7th, but flower-power.

We jived our way through the Swinging Sixties with Elvis, the Beatles and Mr Ray Sturdy who accompanied us and reminded us of various outstanding events, people, places and artefacts of that time.

His slides and talk rendered us into an audience of oohs and aahs as we reminisced over the first man on the moon, the first James Bond, the first Mini and such like.

On February 15th, feet flowed freely over the lower slopes of Bredon Hill when some
members limbered up in preparation for a good meal at The Bell in Eckington on February 21st, where chatter flowed freely amidst the popular chicken pie!

Two members attended a special Promotion Day on March 10th in Cropthorne and
Charlton Village Hall.

On Saturday, March 17th, members will be holding a coffee morning in aid of
Eckington Village Hall renovations. As this is the day before Mothering Sunday
there will be gifts to buy in the form of homemade goodies, posies and crafts. Get
there early before they sell out. It runs from 10.30 p.m.until12.30p.m.

Our next meeting is on April 4th at 7.30p.m. when Mr Bob Hares, from Pershore
Horticultural College, is coming to talk about The Garden in April. As always,
visitors are most welcome to join us in the Village Hall.

Rosemary Hooper

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