Eckington WI – February meeting

We should be proud to have lived in the same area as Ursula M Williams, author of so many children’s books.

Her books were brought to life for members of Eckington WI by Colin Davison who came to talk to us at our meeting on February 1st  about her life and work on the night of the 70th anniversary of one of her most well-known books, Gobbolino, the Witch’s Cat. Another of her best known works is The Little Wooden Horse.

Ursula seems to have been very talented as she also illustrated her books. She had a strong spirit of adventure and determination and was a very kind person and helpful, as well as being a local magistrate.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, March 7th, when many of us will be remembering the swinging Sixties with Mr Ray Sturdy.

Wouldn’t our WI feel proud if we could say “Not many of us in our group can remember them because it was before our time?” What wishful thinking!

However, we must hang on to the thought that “with age comes wisdom and a certain beauty of its own.”

We have another great walk planned on Wednesday, February 15th. We meet at The Cross at 9.30am and the walk will take us across Bredon Hill from the Deer Park. We go at a very stately pace and it’s about three miles, so not too difficult for non-fitness freaks.

Then on Tuesday, February 21st, we have our reward in the form of a meal at The Bell at 12.30pm. What is more, you can still take the reward even if you don’t do the walk. How good is that? It is good because all these things build our relationships with one another which can only strengthen our WI and help it to thrive.

Another date for the diary is Saturday, March 17th, when we are holding a coffee morning in the Village Hall from 10.30am-12.30pm to raise funds to help towards the restoration of the Village Hall. There will be tasty things to buy and gifts too. (Don’t forget Mothering Sunday is the next day so you might find a suitable gift for that).

Do come and join us if you enjoy lively and interesting company, true friendship and laughter because that’s what Eckington WI is about.

Rosemary Hooper

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