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Are you struggling to pay your bills? Do you need advice on debt? Are you looking for help, support and guidance to become debt free? You are not alone!

Over 9,000 people a day are seeking debt advice and help with debt from the Citizens’ Advice Bureau; a house is being repossessed every 14 minutes; and someone is being declared bankrupt every minute of every working day.  This is something that can affect almost anybody.

But, there is an affordable debt solution for you.  And a professional debt advisor will help you find it – putting you back in control of your finances and your life.

Evesham Debt Advisors is a debt management company that has huge experience of helping people to become debt free and will find the right debt solution for you.

Our service is, personal, confidential and fast – giving you confidence and peace of mind and putting you back in control.  Our business is conducted by an individual debt advisor – not through a call centre – ensuring a genuinely personal service.

Check out the information on our website www.eveshamdebtadvisors.co.uk
– but, if you have debt problems, our advice is to seek help now!  Call us on 01386 710987 or email enquiries@eveshamdebtadvisors.co.uk or text us on 07985 110502

Evesham Debt Advisors’ approach means you don’t have to cope with the process and the documentation yourself, you don’t have to negotiate with your creditors and creditors have confidence in the plan because it is being managed professionally.

We act in your interests and receive no payment from any financial institution, ensuring there are no conflicts of interest.

Adrian Nichols, managing director of Evesham Debt Advisors

Adrian Nichols, managing director of Evesham Debt Advisors

In return, there is a charge for our services.  We will discuss the details with you at Stage 1 of the process but, in summary, there is a small initial advisory fee and a small proportion of your monthly payment represents an administration charge. There are no hidden extras and we will maintain complete transparency with you.

Evesham Debt Advisors‘ managing director Adrian Nichols said: “I set the business up in 2008 after a long and successful career as a sales and marketing director with a major health care provider.

“I too had become the victim of recession and was made redundant, so I took the opportunity to take a complete change of career direction and retake control of my life.

“Since then I have helped scores of people from all walks of life to do the same – by helping them manage their debt problems. I have a real and detailed understanding of what you are going through and take huge satisfaction from helping people like you to lift the burden from their shoulders.

“I am professionally trained and work closely with Personal Touch Debt Solutions and a range of other professional organisations such as insolvency practitioners.  But above all, I work closely with you – to understand your specific requirements and put together the solution that is right for you.”

Adrian has lived around Bredon Hill for 12 years with his wife and two sons.

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