MP drops in to school

PUPILS at Ashton-under-Hill First School had the chance to learn about their local MP when she paid them a visit.

Harriet Baldwin, West Worcestershire MP, met with children as well as parents, governors and villagers.

The visit, which came about due to concerns about funding, gave pupils the opportunity to interview Mrs Baldwin and learn more about her life and role as an MP.

Governor Debra Lincoln said: “It was a hugely successful visit for the school and we appreciate the time Harriett spent in class and talking personally to staff, parents and neighbours on a wide range of matters.

“We showed what a wonderful school Ashton is and what it means to the community. We appreciate her support and appeal to all Worcestershire MP’s to continue the fight for better funding of all schools in our county.”

Before leaving Mrs Baldwin was presented with a special book of letters written by all of the children, containing compelling and persuasive arguments on why small schools should be fully funded.

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