Bredon Hill Hoard will stay in the county

A HOARD of Roman coins discovered on Bredon Hill will stay in the county after Museums Worcestershire raised £9,000 in an appeal to secure the find in the county where it was discovered.

The collection of about 4,000 coins, found on Bredon Hill in June last year, is the largest haul of treasure ever found in the county.

The money has been raised through private donations, a donation by the Worcestershire Archaeological Society of £1,000 and a grant from the V&A Purchase Grant Fund, which was confirmed this week.

Councillor John Campion, chairman of the Joint Museums committee, said: “We are extremely proud that the public have worked with us to secure the hoard for the county.

“Residents have been fantastic at coming forward with their donations and we are very grateful to the V&A Purchase Grant Fund for providing the grant which has meant we can keep the hoard.”

The coins, which span 16 Roman emperors, first hit the headlines when metal detectorist Jethro Carpenter came across them on Bredon Hill.

They have been deemed of national significance as research indicates the hoard was buried nearly a century after it was accumulated and may have been someone’s savings.

The coins were displayed last year at the Worcester City Art Gallery and attracted more than 3,000 visitors.

Despite the coins definitely remaining in the county, the museum must now raise a further £30,000 to conserve and display the hoard.

When it returns to the county early next year, the hoard will be displayed in its unconserved state at Hartlebury while fund-raising continues to raise the remaining money needed.

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