‘Magnificent but dangerous’ churchyard tree set for the chop

Cedar tree

The cedar tree in St Peter’s churchyard, Little Comberton.

A MAGNIFICENT but “dangerous” 200-year-old cedar tree in a Bredon Hill village churchyard is to be felled because of its potential harm to both humans and the church building.

Heavy boughs have already fallen from the 80-foot high tree in St Peter’s churchyard, Little Comberton, and plans are now in place to chop it down.

A statement from churchwardens Edith Powell and Roger Leake in the parish magazine said: “It is with deep regret that we have to announce that our magnificent cedar tree is St Peter’s churchyard has to be felled.

“The tree surgeon who gave the tree a through inspection, following several instances of heavy boughs falling, has officially declared it unsafe and has told us that there is no alternative but to fell it.

“We have been instructed by our Archdeacon, Roger Morris, that in view of the dangers of serious or fatal injury to members of the public and the potential for massive damage to the church building, our tree must come down.”

Wychavon District Council has already granted written approval for the felling, which is likely to take place in the next two months, before winds or heavy snowfall seriously increase the dangers to passers-by.

It has already been arranged that the felled timber is to be sold to defray the costs of machinery and labour involved.

Mr Leake added: “The removal of this majestic tree – which is past its prime and dangerous – is regrettable, but will open up the view from the road to the picturesque church building and will also reveal the beauty of other trees and shrubs in the churchyard, presently hidden by the cedar.

“One such presently-hidden tree, a narrow upright cedar, will harmonise with the church tower when both become visible together.”

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