Rare film of village’s Coronation and Silver Jubilee celebrations revealed

WITH the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee just around the corner, rare footage of celebrations of Her Majesty’s Coronation and Silver Jubilee in one Bredon Hill village has been revealed.

The celebrations in Ashton-under-Hill feature footage recorded by the late Tom Archer, who was a well-known local farmer, of the 1953 village party and fete. The footage has been put to music – They’re Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace – by his youngest son John Archer, who grew up in Ashton and now works as a television and film producer.

The second portion of the film is called The Secrets of Bredon Hill and recalls the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations of 1977 in Ashton.

One village character is central to the short film – the farmer-turned-author Fred Archer, Tom Archer’s younger brother, who can be seen watching the Jubilee procession make its way up the village street past his home at Stanley Farmhouse, opposite the Star Inn.

The film concludes with footage of the bonfire held on Bredon Hill on Silver Jubilee Day.

The film can be viewed on youtube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTy-IZPwnz4

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