Wildlife hospital in desperate plea for donations

AN animal hospital based around Bredon Hill will struggle to stay afloat unless more people support its charity shop.

For the first time in the eight years since it opened, donations to the shop, which supports the Vale Wildlife Hospital in Beckford, have almost dried up.

The revenue generated by the shop provides about 25 per cent of the funding for the hospital and is vital for its upkeep.

James Horsewell, casualty manager at the hospital, said: “It provides about a quarter of the income and we cannot cope without its constant income.

“We get donations as well, which we are thankful for, but we can’t predict what they will be.

“Without the shop we would have to find a lot of money from somewhere else. We would struggle massively without the shop. We rely on it.”

The hospital has running costs of over £25,000 a month and all shop profits after the rent and services go to them directly.

Voluntary manager of the shop on Vine Street, Eileen Walthall, said: “It is hard to say why the donations have dried up. We wonder if people are holding onto things more because they can’t afford to buy new or maybe they are selling them on themselves. I just don’t know.

“It has been slow before but this is the first time we have been desperate for stock. The main thing we need is clothes, we are getting bric-a-brac in slowly but we are always looking for stuff. The hospital cannot survive without the shop.”

The shop also needs volunteers. If anyone would like to volunteer or donate some goods they can visit the shop or call Eileen or Toni on 01386 442403.

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