A gem of a celebration

QueenEVEN if you are not a royalist, you have to love the Royals for giving us these extra bank holiday treats, writes Karen Rowley.

The next one is on Tuesday, June 5th, when the Queen celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of her Coronation. Why not take this opportunity to have a village celebration? Even if you have not organised anything, it is definitely not too late to start.

The Big Lunch is already a national event. Last year, various communities around the UK found novel ways to hold their Big Lunch. One street simply chalked ‘Street Tea @ 5pm’ onto the path and everyone brought their tea out to share, with chairs, cushions and rugs to relax on until the children were ready for bed.

Another community held theirs in the local allotment. They had a barbeque and plant swap and got to know other plot holders from the site. Wakefield, officially UK’s furthest away point from the coast, hosted a beach party!

These events often bring communities together permanently. One organiser commented that ‘faces that were barely recognisable are now friends, everyone has time to stop and chat and the kids all play together’.

Another believes that the Big Lunch has ‘helped draw the community together, especially the younger and older generations. It’s now recognised as part of village life;
people even arrange their holidays around it!’

Around Bredon Hill, Ashton-under-Hill is holding a Big Picnic Lunch with live music and games. At the time of writing, other villages are discussing possible events. If you live in a village not currently planning an event; why not visit DirectGov (www.direct.gov.uk) and click on the link ‘Holding your own Diamond Jubilee celebrations’.

The Big Lunch website (www.thebiglunch.com) also has a section on holding a Jubilee Big Lunch with innovative yet easy ideas for events. We love their idea for creating instant ‘live’ music by getting neighbours to tune in to the same radio station and just
open their windows!

Have you considered a Jubilee time capsule? There will be an official online Commonwealth time capsule as well as a physical version to bury. It would be fascinating to have your own village capsule to be dug up by future generations at the next monarch’s diamond jubilee. Visit www.jubileetimecapsule.org.

Finally, here is an event that could link all Bredon Hill Villages. Remember the Millennium Beacons that lit up the country on New Year’s Eve 1999? There will be similar Diamond Jubilee Beacons on Monday, June 4th. Did you know that any community can apply to have their own beacon on their own land?

Villagers could celebrate the jubilee (or just the amazing views) with a flask of tea and a patriotic British sausage roll! For more information visit www.diamondjubileebeacons.co.uk.

Whatever you decide to do, however grand or humble it might be, we would love you to share it with us here on the Bredon Hill View website.

May we wish all the Bredon Hill villages a very happy Diamond Jubilee!

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