Village butcher’s to close after 85 years

Martin Walker preparing to retire from the family butcher's

Martin Walker preparing to retire from the family butcher's

VILLAGERS in Kemerton will witness the end of an era on March 31st when a family-run butcher’s closes down after 85 years’ trading.

John Walker butchers has been serving the villages around Bredon Hill since 1927 when Arthur Walker first opened the business on the edge of Kemerton.

When Arthur died, the business passed to his son John, who ran it for many years.

John’s son, Martin, then took over the business, helped by his wife Creana.

But the couple have announced they are to close the butcher’s shop at the end of March and convert it into a bungalow.

Martin told Bredon Hill View: “We’ve talked about it for four or five months. It will be a sad day.┬áThe customers are very sorry, but there again life has got to go on. It would be different if I had a son to carry on.

“I shall miss it as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. But we are not going far.”

The shop will be sorely missed by locals and the butcher’s mobile van was always a welcome sight in the villages around Bredon Hill.

One long-standing Kemerton resident, Gill Workman, who lives in the village with her husband Roger and who have been customers of the Walkers for over 40 years, said: “We’ve always been very pleased with their meat and it’s always been really friendly service. They are very kind to the elderly people as well.

“I remember going round when the children were little at Christmas and they always gave them a chocolate off the tree. They are a really lovely family and they have been very involved in the community. Martin was on the parish council and John was on the village hall committee.”

Mrs Workman remembers the days when the butcher’s had two mobile vans, one driven by Martin and the other by his father.

“They’ve always had a first-class service and they gave their best,” she added. “They’ve always been kind and considerate. They will be really missed. I’m glad they are not going to leave the village.”


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