Life-saving initiative for Bredon Hill villages

A LIFE-SAVING initiative around a group of Bredon Hill villages is being spearheaded by a resident.

Lynette Mantle is urging people in Ashton-under-Hill, Grafton and Beckford to support plans for a community defibrillator in the villages.
She is urging residents to learn how to do Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and use a defibrillator.

Lynette, who lives in Grafton and is a first aid and defibrillator trainer, said: “A community defibrillator would be excellent in every village. However, it only works effectively if good quality CPR is done with it.

“Ambulances carry defibrillators but they are often not quick enough. A community defibrillator can be much faster to the scene and if people are trained in CPR can get a much better outcome before the ambulance arrives.”

Lynette said she has agreed to provide the ongoing training and she has already received a good amount of interest for the community defibrillators.

“Beckford Parish Council have asked me to give them a short presentation at their next meeting,” she told Bredon Hill View. “I have offered to do the same for Ashton but they have not yet got back to me. The Grafton residents are particulary keen.”

Lynette is due to attend a funding fair in Worcester this week so should be in a position to move things further forward soon.

“I hope to organise an information event for all interested people before too long, but the cost of the hall will need to be covered,” she added.

If you would like to be part of this initiative in your village, contact Lynette Mantle on 01386 882430 or email

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