Charlotte’s mountain-top challenge

A YOUNG woman from Great Comberton who underwent major back surgery six years ago is hoping to climb the highest mountain in Africa for charity.

Twenty-year-old student Charlotte Croft is planning to scale Mount Kilimanjaro this summer in aid of The Meningitis Research Foundation.

Charlotte, who is studying psychology and neuroscience at Manchester University, is hoping to raise £2,500 from her climb.

Charlotte Croft, left, fundraising with a friend.

Charlotte Croft, left, fundraising with a friend.

She said: “Kilimanjaro at 19,340 feet is the highest peak in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

“The climb will also be a huge personal achievement as I underwent major back surgery six years ago without which I may have become severely disabled.

“There are around 3,400 cases of meningitis in the UK each year. One in 10 of the people who contract it die and many more are left with debilitating after-effects.

“All money raised from the climb will go to the charity and will provide funding for research into the prevention of meningitis.”
Charlotte’s mother, Liz Croft, said her daughter had the major back surgery after suffering from scoliosis, curvature of the spine.

“Charlotte has steel rods in her back. It will be quite a feat if she does it,” said Mrs Croft.

Charlotte has currently raised just over £900 and she is hoping to reach £1,200 by the beginning of March.

Charlotte is appealing for local people to support her by donating to her just giving page: or you can contact her father, Lawrence Croft, on 01386 710788.

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